UNIC Harare Commemorates UN DAY 2012

Harare – More than 6 000 pupils from Harare province this year benefited from the UN4U educational outreach campaign organized by UNIC and the United Nations Communications Group.

Held on 18 and 22 October, the campaign targeted 25 secondary  schools from four of Harare’s regions – Chitungwiza, High Glen-Highfield, Mabvuku-Tafara and Warren Park-Mabelreign. At each of the schools, pupils were educated on the Role, Structure and Functions of the United Nations and the United Nations in the National Context.

During the ensuing question and answer session, Tsitsi Chimanda, a Form 3 Kuwadzana High School pupil raised her hand and asked;  “Why is there no African country in the permanent members of the Security Council?’ The UN panel explained that this one of the issues under debate at the UN.

“Why did the UN impose sanctions on Zimbabwe if the organization was formed to ensure peace in the world?” asked another pupil. In response, it was explained that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were not imposed by the United Nations.

To conclude the UN4U outreach campaign, the UNCT gave 20 footballs stamped with the UN logo to each of the schools present.

On Wednesday 24 October the UNCG held a Media Breakfast which was attended by 71 people who included 15 Heads of Agencies, media representatives, UN communication officers who make up the UNCG membership and UN staff. UN Resident Coordinator Alain Noudehou read a statement as did the Deputy Chief Secretary in the President’s Office, Ray Ndhlukula. This was followed by a question and answer session.

“Will the UN be monitoring the Zimbabwe elections,” asked one of the journalists. UN Resident  Coordinator Alain Noudehou responded by saying that the UN would only monitor and provide technical assistance if they are invited to do so by the government.

Both these events were highly successful and received excellent media coverage.

On 5th November, the United Nations Country Team in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion held a symposium on the theme “A Green Economy for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication.” Among other issues, the Symposium aimed to raise awareness among stakeholders on the need for a green economy to accelerate progress towards the MDG,s and to enhance partnerships  to jointly explore options for a green economy for sustainable development and poverty eradication within the context of existing programmes.